I have been a printmaker for 35 years, and although I have worked in all the variations of printmaking, it is the medium of etching that I continue to focus on.  It is the medium that seems to fall most naturally into my hands.   I have a portfolio of over 100 etchings; they represent a wide range of interests.  
What does my art "mean"?  This is an unaswerable question. Ask yourself what do your thoughts "mean"?
My art is simply a thought or idea that I have re-created as art.  
The subjects I have chosen for all my artworks, which includes colored pencil drawings and mixed media, have always been quite varied. 
     In creating an etching, my next print might be a scene that interests me, or a subject that might be visually unusual.  It might be a subtle commentary on an event or situation I've observed. It might be a landscape.  Quite often an idea for an image just comes to my mind unexpectedly.   Rather than ‘rein in’ all these ideas, I tend to trust my instincts, grab that latest idea and decide how I will proceed to make it into a print.  A strong idea usually translates into a successful image.  
     Moving these subjects from an idea all the way to actual printing is a relatively direct process for me.  I might draw the image directly on a plate with very little pre-planning or sketching.  But, if the idea will need to involve a more complicated process, more planning will come first.  The resulting final print might still be a long exploratory process, with unexpected problems to solve along the way.  It is a medium that requires a relaxed and receptive patience, and I guess that is something that I possess.   
     Over the past few years, I have been exploring other related print processes to create more complex prints.  I try to remain loosely structured in my approach to printmaking, because the technical skills required could easily overwhelm the spontaneity needed to create interesting  art.     

 The University of Wisconsin -Green Bay

The University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

B.F.A. in Printmaking 



Chosen for participation in the international public art phenomenon~ 

The Cow Parade 

 ~~Designed and painted one of the famous fiberglass cows for the Wisconsin event held in Madison. 

Chosen to participate in The Lion King Extravaganza in Appleton, Wisconsin

~~ Designed and painted 2 fiberglass lions.


Exhibited in many national, regional and area exhibits .

Selected for inclusion in many nationwide juried printmaking exhibits .


The Art Of Hearts, Online Exhibit 

78th Art Annual Juried Exhibit, Neville Public Museum, Green Bay WI.

The Tiny Art Show, Wisconsin Maritime Museum, Manitowoc, WI 



Professional Framer 30 yrs



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