Many years ago when I first walked into a printmaking studio,  I knew I had found a world I wanted to be in. 

I was captivated instantly by the medium of etching,  it landed on my shoulders like sunshine.   

That fascination turned into determination, and solving the challenges of this unique medium continue to motivate me today.    Perhaps it was the medium that chose me, because I have never once considered etchng to be easy.   It can be cooperative, or impossible, and anything can go very wrong at any moment.   When this happens, as it always does, you have to accept it and revise the plan.  I know that I have great patience and determination, but years of cumulative trial and error are invaluable to me as well.   “Figuring it out” is the recipe for every etching I have ever created. 

Original Prints ......Etchings,  Monoprints,  Block Prints         

 Drawings.......Colored Pencil,  Pencil, Ink 










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